fill - Festival of Italian Literature in London

We are quite ambitious here at FILL. In the middle of the Brexit turmoil, we sat down and started plotting a new literary festival. We have assembled a rich programme for our first edition and we are already thinking about the future: we want to make our festival even bolder and unique, and to get more and more voices and energies involved in it. We want to make it as Italian, British, European, citizen-of-the-world-y as possible. This is our way to celebrate London and our place within it, as a community within a network of communities.

Still, we are an independent festival and all we do is based on voluntary work. We have a great co-organiser such as the Italian Cultural Institute (without which nothing of this would be possible) and the support of a network of amazing partners, but we still need your support. The best way to support us is to book your place at one of our events and come and enjoy the atmosphere of the festival.

In case you can not attend our events but still want to support us, or you want to do something else besides booking your ticket, you can use the Paypal donate button in this page for a small donation. Even a one-off donation as small as £5 or £10 will give a big help to an upstart literary festival with big ambitions. You can donate using a credit card even if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Thank you!