fill - Festival of Italian Literature in London

Last year, against the odds, a small literary festival conceived in London by a group of Italian expats sold out all seats and gathered some 1,500 people. The Festival of Italian Literature in London (FILL) brought prominent Italian, British, and international authors together in a treasured Victorian theatre. This year, the festival comes back at the Coronet in Notting Hill on 27-28 October with an even stronger and timely programme.

The festival is the brainchild of an independent group of London-based Italian authors, journalists, translators, and academics, and is organised with the Italian Cultural Institute in London. Print Room at the Coronet has teamed up with the organisers to host the festival sessions in their beautiful spaces (Auditorium, Studio, and Bar).

Books by the authors in our programme will be available at a book stall run by the Italian Bookshop. Visitors will be able to buy drinks in the atmospheric bar of the theatre, and Sicilian street food from an Etnacoffee‘s stall.

Venue and accessibility: please read here.


The team

The organising group is coordinated by Marco Mancassola (author) and includes Claudia Durastanti (author and translator), Marco Magini (author), Giorgia Tolfo (publisher), Barbara Barbieri (literary agent), Livia Franchini (author and translator), Leonardo Clausi (journalist and translator), Paolo Nelli (author), Stefano Jossa (Royal Holloway University of London), Angelo Boccato (journalist), Ilaria Albani (bookseller), Severino Antonelli (editor), Arianna Manzin (publishing rights professional), Gemma Trevisani (literary scout), Olga Campofreda (University College London), Eleonora Sammartino (King’s College London).

Advisers to the festival are Sarah Braybrooke (Scribe), Beatrice Finauro (digital strategist), Anna Viola Sborgi (King’s College London), Rebecca Servadio (literary scout), Andrea Lissoni (Tate Modern), and an amazing network of other friends and energies, both in London and in Italy and elsewhere.

FILL is made possible thanks to the crucial collaboration of its co-organiser, the Italian Cultural Institute in London. To see all our supporting partners, please check our sponsors and partners page.

The festival’s poster and the web design are by Victor Cavazzoni. The festival’s logo and other graphic designs are by Christian Tecchio.

fill - Festival of Italian Literature in London