fill - Festival of Italian Literature in London

The Festival of Italian Literature in London (FILL) is a festival of literature and ideas envisioned by the London-based Italian literary community and organised with the Italian Cultural Institute of London. The Festival wants to attract all Londoners and all events will be in English or Italian with English translation provided.

The first edition will run on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of October 2017. It will take place in the heart of London, at the Coronet Theatre in Notting Hill. Print Room at the Coronet has been glad to partner up with the organisers of the festival and will host the festival’s events in their spaces (Auditorium, Studio, and Bar).

Books by the authors in our programme will be available at a book stall run by the Italian Bookshop. For those who crave something more than just food for thought, a stall run by Donna Fügassa will be selling Italian street food.

Venue and accessibility: please read here.


The team

FILL is organised by a group of London-based Italian authors, journalists, and academics, along with the Italian Cultural Institute of London. The Institute, directed by Marco Delogu, has co-organised the festival and has been crucial in making it a reality.

As for the group, it is coordinated by Marco Mancassola (author) and includes Claudia Durastanti (author and translator), Marco Magini (author), Stefano Jossa (literary critic, Royal Holloway University of London), Livia Franchini (author, Goldsmiths University), Paolo Nelli (author, King’s College), Gianluca Didino (cultural critic), Barbara Barbieri (literary agent), Emanuela Patti (Royal Holloway University of London), Leonardo Clausi (translator and journalist), Pierdomenico Baccalario (author of young adult fiction), Beatrice Finauro (Teads.tv).

FILL is supported by an amazing network of people and energies, both in London and in Italy and elsewhere. The Festival is supported by the Turin International Book Fair; please see our sponsors and partners page to see all our supporting partners.

The “book tennis” poster is by the brilliant Victor Cavazzoni. Our logo and graphic design are designed by Christian Tecchio.

fill - Festival of Italian Literature in London